Which Workshop is Right for You?

Mastery of Self Expression

The first step in making a significant life change is to explore what that change might be. That means being able to acknowledge your wants, your desires and your feelings – to express them to yourself. To create the change you want, the next step is to express those desires to others. That’s why our first personal growth workshop focuses on The Mastery of Self Expression. [Read More]

The Next Step

The Next Step is just that: your next step. The Next Step is an intimate and celebratory workshop, with no observers. We acknowledge ourselves for what we’ve already accomplished. There aren’t small steps and big steps; every step we take is a victory. We breathe. We connect. We move forward. [Read More]

Into the Abyss

If you’ve been struggling with a particular issue for a long time, stuck in what seems to be an infinite loop, join us at the Into the Abyss personal development workshop to shine a light into the darkness. Because it can be painful to face the truth, many of us have ‘blind spots’ where we can’t see clearly what is holding us back. Come see what you need to see. [Read More]

The Leadership Workshop

Do you think of yourself as a leader? Many of us don’t. We think of leadership as being an activity reserved for certain people. But each of us is always leading in our own life. We all have beliefs about what it takes to be a leader. In this Leadership Workshop, we address those limiting beliefs. You’ll discover that you are capable of being a leader just as you are. [Read More]

The Purposeful Journey

Have you considered what you want your legacy to be? This unique workshop addresses just that. An intimate, week-long workshop, held at a quiet rural location in North Carolina, The Purposeful Journey includes food and lodging. By exploring your five senses and engaging in creative projects, you’ll identify a legacy you can be proud of: one which is an expression of your spirit and being. And you’ll learn how to manage all the elements in your life to keep you on purpose. [Read More]