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Break through your roadblocks and reconnect with your passion, power, and creativity.

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The MASTERY of Self Expression Workshop is for people who want to take the first steps to improve their life, explore their creative abilities, and discover how to achieve their goals.

In this two-and-half day weekend workshop, you will:

-  Discover your own unique voice and learn how to best express it

-  Acknowledge what gets in the way of your success

-  Experience your creativity – you can write, act and draw

-  Realize your power, strength, and ability

"The MASTERY is about applauding uniqueness, individuality, and idiosyncratic ways of looking at the world. It’s about commitment and taking responsibility for your greatness."

- Dan Fauci, Breakthrough


“If I were to name a major influence on my acting, it would be the Mastery.”

- Ted Danson, Emmy Award-winning actor

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