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“The Mastery has managed to give to us and me a greater awareness of the meaning of life and the power we all have.”

- Jerry Stiller, Actor

MASTERY Testimonials

“If I were to name a major influence on my acting, it would be theMastery.”

- Ted Danson, Emmy Award-winning actor

“It is invigorating to discover one’s interior beauty and individuality. Out of doing the Mastery came my one-woman show, Now That She’s Gone: Unraveling the Mystery of My Mother.”

- Ellen Snortland, writer, performer

“The Mastery opened up a whole new world for me. I accepted myself, but at the same time challenged myself more. The Mastery is a journey that will go as far as you let it.”

- Fisher Stevens, actor, Academy Award-winning director/ producer.

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“I came alive again at the safest place in town. The Mastery is a place to discover that you are the source of your own creativity.”

- Bruce Davison, Academy Award-nominated actor

“The Mastery is invaluable for anyone - no matter if it's professionally, interpersonally, or to live a fuller, more creative life.”

- Willie Garson, Actor


“Before The Mastery, I survived without the purest experience of being seen and being shown, through others' seeing, who I am. For me, the experience was the most precious gift of self-consciousness, self-acceptance, and self-recognition.”

- Mi Kim, former criminal defense attorney