The Purposeful Journey

Have you ever considered what you want your legacy to be? What contribution do you want to leave behind?

The Purposeful Journey is a unique personal growth workshop that addresses just that. You’re already making a difference in the world. The Purposeful Journey shows you how to take a quantum leap beyond your current experience. During this workshop, you’ll be given the time, environment and tools necessary to identify a legacy you’ll be proud of: one which is an expression of your spirit and being. And you’ll learn how to manage all the elements in your life to keep you on purpose.

The Purposeful Journey is not like any other personal development workshop we offer. And it’s not a follow-up to any on of our other workshops. It’s something separate unto itself. In this workshop we look long range.

To start with, it’s a full week long. It’s an intimate workshop with spots for only 12 participants. It’s facilitated by Larry Gilman and Dan Fauci and held at Dan’s home in a quiet, rural location in North Carolina, where food and lodging are provided. We’ll make use of the surrounding environment, spending time outdoors in nature, to discover where we are in touch (or out of touch) with each of our senses. We believe that the more connected you are with your senses, the more in touch you can be with your vision / legacy / purpose. It’s when we are disconnected that we lose our focus.

This workshop is about you as a total human being: how you think, how you feel, your connections to the world around you and the connections within yourself. We focus on the senses: sight, touch, hearing, smell and taste. You’ll be enjoying healthy, chef-prepared, quality food for the week, tasting new flavours, and eating together with the group. (Dietary restrictions can be accommodated.)

The range of participants has been diverse: entrepreneurs, executives, artists, lawyers, homemakers, engineers, accountants, insurance agents, actors / directors / producers, those in the helping professions… We do much of this work together, in collaboration, so this workshop isn’t a place to hide. (Past participants have made lifelong friendships and formed working partnerships.) But you’ll also have time alone to reflect and meditate on your vision.

During the week, you’ll be exploring your legacy through a project or series of projects. (No artistic background is required.) Your project might be a book, an artwork, the creation of a new business, or the development of a new paradigm (a new way of looking). We’ll be sharing our projects and discussing each others’ projects. This is an opportunity to learn how you can incorporate your creative side into your work and relationships.

Make a difference in your world!

You’ll be learning how to create something out of nothing and developing a vision for how you want to be remembered. Before the week is over you’ll be on your way to achieving that vision.

There are so many responsibilities in our busy lives these days. During this personal growth workshop, we’ll look at how to manage the elements in your life to keep you focused on creating your legacy. Each of us will identify the roadblocks we put up, that get in the way of creating our vision.

This is a JOURNEY of discovery.

Join us for a week to focus completely on yourself, out in the country, with ten or eleven other people. Imagine returning from this unique ‘vacation’ with a clearer sense of your purpose, connected with every one of your senses, in touch with your abilities and creativity, and enjoying a sense of peace and balance. Rediscover your passion and start building that legacy! Contact Larry Gilman today to learn more.