The Next Step

We often hear this from particpants: “Love the Mastery! What’s next?” Here’s what’s next.

So, you’ve done the Mastery of Self Expression. And things have shifted… they’re much better than before. In fact, much of your life is going well, maybe even great. But perhaps there’s one particularly challenging area in your life that is not going as well as the rest. Or it’s all going well, but you believe it could be even better. If this is you, you’re ready to take The Next Step.

Each person comes to The Next Step with their own particular goals. Some seek to regain passion in a relationship, others are in the process of making difficult career decisions, others are struggling to maintain work/life balance. Some have very specific goals, while others are open to explore the possibilities. One thing the participants all share is a desire to cement the transition they started during the Mastery.

How do you know you’re ready for the next step? If you’re even thinking about it, you’re probably ready. You don’t need to have a clearly identified goal for this personal development workshop to be effective; sometimes the greatest results come from being open to whatever comes up. And the things that need to will come up.

Facilitator Trish Brydon analyzed the effectiveness of The Next Step and The Mastery of Self Expression personal growth workshops in her Masters thesis at Royal Roads University: Leadership from the Inside Out.

You just need to be ready to commit three days of your time and energy to the exploration. Think about it… when you return to work on Monday after the weekend workshop, you may have healed an old hurt, discarded an unhelpful belief, or mended a relationship. How many weekends produce those kind of life-long results?!

The Next Step is an opportunity to discover what is truly important to you, not just what you’ve been taught should be important. For example, perhaps you say that personal relationships are the most important aspect of your life, but then you realize that you’ve been working 80 hours a week. Are you giving your energy to what is truly important to you, or have outside pressures turned your focus elsewhere? During the weekend we look at the limiting beliefs many of us hold, and learn to discard them. We learn to live a life that is more in alignment with who we are.

Some Mastery graduates have told us that the Mastery was “so big” for them that they couldn’t imagine pushing it further. But The Next Step is just that: your next step. You take the risks that are at the level that you can manage, and proceed at your own pace. The Next Step is an intimate and celebratory event, with no observers. We acknowledge ourselves for what we’ve already accomplished. There aren’t small steps and big steps; every step we take is a victory. We breathe. We connect. We move forward.

Feedback from past participants says it best:

“The Next Step was the best thing I’ve ever done! I have spent the past 12 years working with hundreds of programs, therapies, tapes and books, and although all helpful and effective in their own right, The Next Step was simply the most powerful experience for me on a deeply personal level… The work involved is very deep and downright intense. It was an amazing, enlightening journey. The support in the program is fantastic, and the connections with the other participants was truly the most heartfelt I’ve experienced. Thank you… for a brilliant program.” – Brenda Brosgarth

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The Next Step is held only once every 18 months. Don’t miss it! See the dates for the upcoming Next Step workshop.

Ready to take the plunge? Here’s the registration information:

  • Space is limited to 18 participants. A deposit now will reserve your space.
  • Early registration discounts are available.
  • There are also a limited number of reviewer spots available at a special price for those who have already participated in the NEXT STEP.
  • To register, contact Trish Brydon at or leave a message at (604) 831-7002.
  • Download our registration form, which includes details regarding logistics, preparatory work and payment and pricing.