Leadership Workshop

Do you think of yourself as a leader? Many of us don’t. We think of leadership as being the province of politicians, business executives and activists. But each of us is always leading in our own life. We each have a particular style of leadership, perhaps leading from the front in a more visible role, or alternatively leading from the back in a student or support role. In the Mastery Leadership workshop, you’ll learn new ways of leading and enhance your current leadership style.

Many of us lead in at least some area of our lives; but few of us lead in all of them. Perhaps you’re a leader with your friends, but not at work. Or you might be comfortable leading when you’re with strangers, but not with your own family or intimates. Take a moment now and consider, where in your life do you want to be a leader? What do you believe it takes to be a leader? What is a leader?

We all have beliefs about what it takes to be a leader: age, appearance, type of job, certain knowledge and skills. In this personal development workshop, we address those limiting beliefs. You’ll discover that you are capable of being a leader just as you are. Leadership is not an activity that is reserved for certain people. For example, you don’t have to be a manager to lead at work; regardless of your position, if you are willing to lead you can adopt a new way of “being” in the workplace and present your ideas. In fact, people may already see you as a leader and be following you, without you knowing it.

Leadership is not an activity reserved for certain people.

Sure, there will always be someone else who knows more than you, or speaks better, is smarter / more charismatic / funnier, has written more books. But you’re ready to lead just as you are. We’ll look at what it takes to lead; and it’s probably not what you think. You just need to be responsible for how you show up and how you choose to participate. Almost all leadership starts from seeing. Are you willing to recognize and discard your filters and see clearly? Clear seeing enables clear leadership.

Clear seeing enables clear leadership.

Maybe you’re thinking “I don’t want to be a leader”. But in truth, you already are. All of us are. We just don’t always realize it. And when we don’t acknowledge it, we may find ourselves leading in the wrong direction from where we want to go. That’s why recognizing ourselves as leaders is so important.

Or you might be thinking “I don’t feel like a leader”. That’s ok. Leadership is not about how you feel. It’s about what you choose to do.

Some of us won’t admit we’re leaders because we’re scared: scared of being powerful or scared of being responsible for the actions and outcomes of others. But as leaders we are just responsible for showing up and saying what we see. Nothing more.

Accepting that you are a leader and acknowledging that you are a powerful being has many benefits. It increases your self respect and self esteem. You can impact those around you, in your family, workplace, community and in the world. You’ll be more conscious of the qualities that you bring to the table. You can get out of your head and be in the present; you’ll see what is in front of you and experience your own emotional and physical reality. It enables you to make important decisions in your life quickly, with less stress and more confidence. How many of us would benefit from that?

Here are the kind of things participants say to us after taking this personal growth workshop:

  • I learned to be as powerful as I already was.
  • I realized that I can and do make a difference just the way I am.
  • I was making an impact and never realized it.
  • I was able to start saying “no” to all the things that were distracting me from being and doing what I was capable of.
  • I was actually able to make decision!

There are minimum requirements to take this workshop:

  • You must be a graduate of the Mastery personal growth workshop.
  • You must have graduated at least three months prior to the leadership workshop.
  • You must have either observed or assisted an entire Mastery workshop.

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