Rejeanne Bischoff – Co-Facilitator

Rejeanne Bischoff

Rejeanne has been involved with the MASTERY community since 2005, and has co-lead the MASTERY in Alberta and Vancouver.

Rejeanne has over 15 years experience as a Certified Management Accountant, along with 10 years of playing in the personal development industry. She has combined her knowledge and passion and now facilitates her own programs around visioning, self-empowerment, and communication to both corporations and individuals, alongside her spouse Jared in their developing business, Defining Adventures.

She takes pride as an author in her latest creation, A Little Book of Truth, and her passion is igniting excitement in others searching for their own inspiration and discovery of self.

Her love for the MASTERY began with her experience of it; she has yet to find a course that has had a bigger impact in self-empowerment and awareness in her life.

She comments: “Where else can you return to, over and over again, free…, to continue to learn compassionate and effective ways of being in life, and be blown open by the brilliance of humanity.”