Vancouver Venue

We are fortunate in Vancouver to have had the use of the Cambrian Hall in East Vancouver for many years. The hall is centrally located, just a few doors down 17th Avenue from Main Street. The area features multiple restaurants, a coffee shop – and even a bakery and chocolaterie – within walking distance, so there are plenty of options for participants during workshop meal breaks. There is also no-cost residential neighbourhood parking without time limits a block down the side streets off Main.

The hall is the optimum size for our personal development workshops: large enough for participants to expand and practice energetic expression and taking up their personal space, yet intimate enough to be comfortable and offer the sense of safety that facilitates taking personal risks during the workshop.

The hall is heritage building, built in 1929. It features lots of tall paned windows down the side flanked by red velvet curtains, tall ceilings arched at sides, a hardwood floor, and a raised stage with red velvet curtains. The quality of the space enhances the experience of the workshops.

(Pictures of the space are available here. The floor has since been refinished.)

Venue: The Cambrian Hall

Address: 215 East 17th Avenue, Vancouver (near Main and 16th)

Driving Directions: To get there, drive south on Main Street from downtown Vancouver, and turn left on 17th. Park near this intersection. (Parking without time limits is available a block or so east in the residential neighbourhood.) The hall is just to the east of Main Street on 17th Avenue.

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