The Next Step Registration Information

Join Larry Gilman and Trish Brydon as we create together this powerful, intimate and celebratory weekend experience!!!

The Next Step!!
April 15, 16, 17, 2016

Plus two optional facilitated follow ups (with phone-in option).

Mastery grads – Larry and I are very excited to be running our NEXT STEP workshop again in April 2016; will you join us? This weekend is really special to us! Each time we run it we are amazed at how powerful and intimate the weekend is and are so inspired by each and every participant!

Space is limited to a maximum of 18 participants. A deposit reserves your spot. (Make sure you read the detailed information so you can take advantage of the discount deadline and the ultra early discount deadline for an up to $750 discount!) No observers!

Larry and Trish only run this workshop every 18 to 24 months – so don’t miss this opportunity to jump in now!

Contact Trish at to register.

“As great as I found the MASTERY Weekend, The Next Step blew the doors off. It was the best gift I have ever given myself. Thank you … for making it such an amazing experience. Wow!”

The Next Step Workshop

Are you ready for your Next Step? Are you ready to go another layer deeper and include more of what matters in your life? Do you want to take more creative risks? Are you ready to inspire yourself more?!

This is a powerful and experiential workshop which will take you to a new level… just for you. This weekend is both intimate and celebratory!

The weekend is an opportunity to look at values and to get clarity around, and confront, some specific belief systems that may be kicking around and stopping you… consciously and/or unconsciously… so you can include even more in your life… be even more powerful, and … in control of your own life.

This is about YOUR next step – Join us?

Find out what some grads have to say about the workshop and their experience:

“I had an incredible timeā€¦ the Next Step was like having the MASTERY as a launch pad and then taking a quantum leap forward! An experiential masterpiece!”


The NEXT STEP workshop is held at the Cambrian Hall in Vancouver (215 East 17th Ave.) It begins at 6 p.m. on Friday evening April 15, 2016 and ends on Monday morning April 18 around 2 a.m. The workshop includes prep and follow up work and also includes 2 facilitated follow ups likely in early May and mid-late June 2016 (however dates and location still to be confirmed) with phone-in option for participants from out of town.

To register you must be a Mastery grad and the Next Step workshop dates must be at least 3 months after your initial Mastery.

Maximum number of participants is 18. A minimum number of 14 people registered is required.

Participants’ Preparatory Work

  1. Imagine the day before the workshop is your last. Write a 3-5 minute piece (max. 5 minutes) about you and your life (akin to a eulogy) – to be read at the start of the workshop. Use this as an opportunity to investigate your life, flesh out your core being and essence and to make a lasting impression. Be honest.
  2. Bring with you something that represents you now – a symbol or metaphor of who you are – to share with the group as part of the above piece. This might be an object, a picture, a piece of music (could be played in the background), or …?
  3. Prepare a risky, creatively exposing piece of 3-4 minutes (max. 4 minutes) to be performed for us. This could be a monologue, a song, a dance, or ? – you decide. You will identify and tell us what the risk is and why it is a risk for you (briefly – 1 minute or less – as part of the 4 minutes) then do your piece. Opportunity to play at 100%. No audience participation. You may use props, music and/or costumes if you wish, if they up the risk for you.

    Be really conscious of maximum times for the two pieces as that will be the maximum time you will have!

  4. Bring an object with you to the weekend to help make the space yours – something that nurtures or inspires you that will remain at the hall the whole weekend.
  5. We’d like to adorn the room – do you have any art that you have created or photographs that you have taken that you’d be willing to bring and display? If not – maybe you’ll feel inspired to create something now.
  6. Bring a pad to work in – as you will likely want to keep the notes you make.
  7. If you would like your creative piece taped (for your use only), please bring a memory stick – at least 8G. Even if you think you may not want it recorded – bring a stick as an option as our experience suggests you may change your mind during the weekend.
  8. On Sunday night we will share a meal together. You will have approx 1 – 1 1/2 hours away from the venue to prepare (you will be leaving the hall) – so please make whatever advance arrangements that you need (no kitchen facilities at the venue). Please bring the items listed below.

What to Bring and Wear

  • Bring a place setting (plate, bowl, cup, glass, knife, fork and spoon), and a candle and candle holder.
  • Bring a dish to share (ready to serve including serving utensils/platters) that indulges you, your senses, your sensitivity, your artistry, style, taste, etc. – in terms of preparation, presentation, colour, flavour, food value, etc. Be prepared to give us details of the different ways and on what different levels the dish appeals to you and is an indulgence.
  • Dress in a way that celebrates, acknowledges and indulges you.
  • Larry and Trish will take care of beverages.

Registration and Payment Information

The cost of the workshop includes two optional facilitated follow ups (with phone-in option from a land line for those who are unable to be here in person for the follow-ups).

Save up to $750 – EARLY PAYMENT DISCOUNT!!!

The special early bird early payment discount price is $1695. This discount requires a $500 non-refundable and non-transferable deposit and completed registration form to reserve your space (as long as there is still space in the workshop).

The regular cost of the workshop is $2295. To register (as long as there is still space), a $600 non-refundable and non-transferable deposit is required with your completed registration form.

Special Reviewer Price: A limited number of reviewer spots are available at $995 (while there is still space in the workshop). No refunds, transfers or substitutions.

Contact to register or if you have questions.

Refund and Transfer Policy

No refunds or transfers. If you have paid the full workshop price by the payment deadlines and are unavoidably unable to attend the workshop you may take it upon yourself to find a substitute participant as long as they’ve done the Mastery at least 3 months prior and have completed all prep work in time to participate fully in the weekend. Substitute would need to be identified to us by at the specified deadline.