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Vancouver, British Columbia, is home to an energetic and enthusiastic Mastery community. Vancouver hosts all the weekend workshops, offering four Mastery of Self Expression workshops every year. If your city isn’t offering the workshop you’re looking for this year, consider visiting us here on the lovely West Coast. We’ll make you feel welcome and at home!

Over the past 35 years, more than 30,000 people from around the world have rediscovered their passion, creativity and authenticity with The Mastery workshops. Join us at a free introductory evening (see dates below) to meet facilitators and past participants of the Mastery of Self Expression.

The Mastery Experience

Much of our personal development workshops’ effectiveness comes from participants’ opportunities to explore and experience themselves. During the weekend, we find that people start to become more comfortable in their bodies and own their personal space. Consciousness is powerful and this consciousness of self is the first step in personal growth.

From that place, participants realize they can say things powerfully and others will really hear and understand what they have to say. This is the second step of power: communicating outward.

These changes allow participants to move on to the third step: to start getting what they want in their lives.

Vancouver Introduction Nights

Intro Nights are free events which allow you to meet with MASTERY of Self Expression facilitators as well as grads of previous MASTERY workshops. You can ask questions and get a sense of what this personal growth workshop might offer you. Intro Nights are casual, pressure-free and a great opportunity to gauge if the MASTERY is right for you.

Dates and locations of intro nights are usually announced about three months before each Mastery of Self Expression workshop, so if there are none listed below, please check back later or contact us.

Upcoming MASTERY of Self Expression Intro Nights

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Performer’s Mastery

If you are looking for the Vancouver Performer’s Mastery, please visit their facebook page or email Henry Mah at