Dan Fauci – Facilitator

Dan Fauci

Dan facilitates The MASTERY of Self Expression in Los Angeles. He is the creator of the program, and also created the programs Leadership and Creativity, The Abyss and Samarai.

Dan founded The Actors Institute, a school for professional actors, in 1975. Within ten years, the Institute grew to include branches in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Seattle, Vancouver, Austin, Montreal, Toronto, London, Bristol, Paris, and several cities in Israel. Dan and the Institute then branched off into producing. Their first production was Looking Glass, a play about Lewis Carroll. Dan then partnered with Ted Danson, and in two years produced three movies for televison: When The Bough Breaks (NBC), We Are The Children (ABC), and Follow Your Heart (which Dan co-wrote for NBC), and the series Down Home with Judith Ivey (NBC).

After four years as an independent producer, Dan went to work for Paramount Pictures, heading comedy development. Over the next twelve years he produced over 100 comedy pilots, half of which went to series. The most successful was Frasier, winning five Emmys for best comedy. Other shows he developed were Becker, Clueless, Girlfriends, Lateline and Sister, Sister.

Since leaving Paramount, Dan has written a feature film, had a show of his photographs and collages at a Los Angeles gallery, and is in the midst of producing a movie based on the novel The Highest Tide, with Fisher Stevens, founder of Greenstreet Productions. Dan is currently working on a book on creativity and acting, a novel, leading the MASTERY in L.A., and preparing for another art show.

Dan has been married to Jeanne for thirty years, and has two daughters, Tai, who is a writer, producer and director, and Francesca, who is studying liberal arts in New York City.