Testimonials: The Next Step

Such an Amazing Experience. Wow!

As great as I found the MASTERY Weekend, The Next Step blew the doors off. It was the best gift I have ever given myself. Thank you Larry, Trish, Bob and Elaine for making it such an amazing experience. Wow! David A. Jones

I Have Some Tools to really Own the Things That Hold Me Back

I got to be me! Warts, hurts, brilliance, hero, true friend and all. Thank you Larry, Bob, Elaine and Trish. I was lucky and brave enough to work out some serious issues that have been holding me back from being me. Another very big piece is that I have some tools to really own the…   [Read More]

It Took Me Leaps and Bounds

I came to The Next Step with my heart wide open from a different training, thinking ‘what more could possibly be done?’. I was already feeling like I had made huge changes in my life for the better. To my delight, The Next Step took me not just steps, it took me leaps and bounds….   [Read More]

The Sweet Butter of Compassion

The Next Step is Larry and Trish’s skillet where you pile the acrid morsels of your onion self, add the sweet butter of compassion, turn up the heat, and cook yourself until you become carmelized and delicious. Jessica Shintani

There is a Smile on My Face and in My Heart

First Step into the unknown, which is The Next Step. Safe space, safe place to grow, see, live the experience first hand – or even better – first foot forward. The space that is created by Trish Brydon, Larry Gilman and participants is the safest I’ve felt. Each progressive experience in the weekend I was…   [Read More]

An Experiential Masterpiece!

I had an incredible time… the Next Step was like having the MASTERY as a launch pad and then taking a quantum leap forward! An experiential masterpiece! Jason Colantonio

The Best Thing I’ve Ever Done!

The Next Step was the best thing I’ve ever done! I have spent the past 12 years working with hundreds of programs, therapies, tapes and books, and although all helpful and effective in their own right, The Next Step was simply the most powerful experience for me on a deeply personal level. I went places…   [Read More]

I am Forever Changed

Never before have I seen people at the depth that I saw people during this weekend and in doing so saw myself. I had an incredible experience of myself just being myself. I made deep discoveries about my system, and what makes me tick and I have a very strong sensation that I am forever…   [Read More]

The Weekend was Wonderful

I really valued the Next Step weekend, and I still keep the experience in my mind and I keep going over the process and rekindling the personal goals that I set for myself during the workshop. I still feel the gentle power of the weekend and I spend what private time I have (commuting to…   [Read More]

Truly Inspirational

The Next Step was truly inspirational for our next step towards our financial freedom. We had to let go of certain ideas to make a move. We were stuck in a certain thinking pattern and could not get out of that by ourselves. It was a great weekend and life changing for us. WE ARE…   [Read More]

I Highly Recommend It

It’s been a year and I’m still discovering things that I can attribute to that weekend. The experience of it, and the residual effects, I liken to a subterranean river – it exists deep underground, at the heart, and its life-giving essence percolates to the surface in hidden, magical springs: unbidden, unexpected and precious. I…   [Read More]

What I am Capable of Creating in My Life

The Next Step taught me more about myself and what I am capable of creating in my life, than any other workshop I have attended. It was a significant experience, the effect of which I am still discovering over a year later. Roger Wells

Was It Ever Worth It!

It was an absolutely incredible, fantastic, amazing – did I say incredible? – experience last weekend. My God, I am still in awe… The MASTERY cost a few hundred dollars; I’d have paid a few thousand dollars had I known what I would get out of it. I say the same thing for The Next…   [Read More]

I’m Sorry I waited as Long as I Did

It took me a couple of years to work up to doing The MASTERY of Self-Expression, and ultimately I’m sorry I waited as long as I did. So I wasted no time jumping into The Next Step, and I’m glad I did – the shift continues. The Next Step has helped me be much more…   [Read More]

Break Through my Limitations…Over and Over Again

The whole weekend was full of “next steps”, where I got to choose my degree of participation (and commitment to myself) over and over again… I came out of the weekend without the familiar “high” of other programs – it was disconcerting at first. All that was there was a tremendous clarity and groundedness –…   [Read More]

Intellectually and Emotionally Challenging

Key events in my life have served to both inspire and prod me into action. The Next Step Workshop has been one of these events. The weekend was both intellectually and emotionally challenging. The group members were largely unknown to me at the beginning of the weekend. By the end of the three days they…   [Read More]

An Action Packed Weekend to Say the Least!

The Next Step was challenging. It gave me the opportunity to really look at my judgments and beliefs and my values around all of that. An action packed weekend to say the least! The Next Step is a beautiful transition from The MASTERY. Connie Hardie

An Absolutely Unbelievable Program

When I signed up, the “Next Step” seemed a logical progression in my journey. It was appealing in that it would be different from the MASTERY but shared with others who had already assimilated the MASTERY’s principles. All of us seemed prepared to begin at 100%, committed to going further. The process is simple, extremely…   [Read More]

A Profound Experience

The Next Step weekend was a profound experience. The atmosphere and specific work that Larry and Trish created allowed us to bond quickly into a wonderful group. I let go of something really major that had been with me from earliest childhood, creating the space for a lot of next steps. The Next Step really…   [Read More]

Intensified My Commitment to Living and Being

The Next Step for me was a profound look at myself – my patterns, my beliefs, and my ways of being. It allowed me to experience and see that, regardless of what is going on with me, I have choice and I am able. The Next Step is an appropriate name for this workshop: I…   [Read More]

A Unique and Challenging Space

The Next Step brought a subtle, yet powerful, shift in my perception. I discover myself consciously making choices and taking action, rather than being a bystander in my own life. I gained, and continue to gain, insights into myself. I am fascinated by the impact this workshop has had on me – at work, in…   [Read More]

I’m Glad I Gave Myself the Gift

The Next Step is like The MASTERY for Adults. No one is there to push you – you make your own decisions about how big the risk is going to be. My impression was that everyone stepped up to the plate and gave it their all. I found the preparation work demanding and very worthwhile….   [Read More]

I have Gotten ‘Unstuck’

The Next Step workshop has already had a profound effect on my life. I am moving forward powerfully in several realms, including a new love relationship, which was what I declared I wanted at the start of the workshop. I am also actively exploring what is next for me in my life, and I have…   [Read More]

I Feel the Effects Every Day!

The Next Step was a short period of extreme growth. But the weekend was quite different from the MASTERY. Not only were the issues I tackled quite different, but the energy was completely different. Rather than an intense euphoric burst, it was a slow-growing and profound crescendo that we created together. Everyone came ready to…   [Read More]

A New Level of Self-discovery

The Next Step took me to a new level of self-discovery. I found it a natural progression from the MASTERY weekend and deepened my sense of who I am. I recommend it! Anne Wilson

It is Pure Genius!

The Next Step… IT WAS TOTALLY AWESOME!!!!! HOLY CRAP SANDWICH!!!!! The stuff that Larry and Trish have created is SO amazing, SO beyond the Mastery, it is pure genius! I worked through some incredible, powerful stuff and had a tremendous (emotionally draining) time! I cannot POSSIBLY recommend The Next Step highly enough. It is HUGE!…   [Read More]

I am truly Blessed

The Next Step weekend expanded my life, my ability to receive, and my compassion for myself and others. Still each day I discover something new! I have forever and a day heard my inner voice, thought about what it said, ignored it and paid a huge price by sabotaging myself over and over again. Self…   [Read More]

I Have A Deeper and More Joyous Relationship with My Life Partner

My experience while participating in The Next Step training was one of connection, authenticity, and profound expansion. Since the workshop, I have a deeper and more joyous relationship with my life partner, a gentler and bolder relationship with myself, and a more alive and present relationship with other people and the world around me. I…   [Read More]

A More Meaningful and EASIER Life

Trish, I want to thank you first of all, for all your hard work and commitment to this cause. Both you and Larry are absolutely MASTERFUL in your coaching and facilitation of this program! I am a changed person after the Next Step. It is difficult for me to articulate how I am changed, but…   [Read More]

I Never Realized Until Now That This is All I Really Want

The Next Step Program brought me to a whole new level of truth for myself. I have been given the opportunity to go outside of myself many times since the program and discover a new truth. “How do you really start the day through the eyes and heart of a child?” A child has real…   [Read More]