Testimonials: The Mastery of Self Expression

I Still Feel Golden

I still feel golden myself. Amazing how the negative thoughts don’t come around much anymore. Occasionally, other people say something that could easily trigger my negative belief system but there’s some kind of angel that keeps telling me not to buy into it. It’s really quite amazing. I feel peaceful, productive, patient and on my…   [Read More]

The Most Exhilarating, Exciting, Challenging Weekend in my Entire Adult Life

The weekend I did my MASTERY I can safely say was the most playful, exhilarating, exciting, challenging weekend in my entire adult life. It is clear to me that I stretched my boundaries regarding self-expression, participation, playfulness and my ability and willingness to create. My participation, as it is a very participatory weekend, is the…   [Read More]

A Long, Deep Drink of Life Itself

I have been seen, and not only accepted, but honoured and acknowledged. A part of me, which has always waited in quiet desperation, at last has had a long, deep drink of life itself. Tom Gamet

Incredible, Amazing, Intense, Passionate, Fun, and Inspiring

For me, the MASTERY was an incredible, amazing, intense, passionate, fun, crazy, emotional, enlivening and inspiring weekend. It was also a place of safety, where I could look inside to see who I was, where I was, and to release some self imposed blocks to expression and freedom… I believe it gave me valuable tools…   [Read More]

I Reconnected with My Power and My Voice

I reconnected with two things I felt were slipping away – my power and my voice. I felt what it was like to express outwardly and be heard. Some moments were really challenging; all of it was rewarding. I’ll always be able to draw from the experience and the things I learned through the MASTERY….   [Read More]

The Incredible Impact This has had on All Aspects of My Life

It is difficult to convey the incredible impact this has had on all aspects of my life. The clarity in my relationships is ASTOUNDING! I marvel daily at the positivism which pervades my interactions with others. I am committed to truly nurturing myself, saying “no” to activities and requests which could overload my day. Life…   [Read More]

The December MASTERY Workshop Was the Best Christmas Present Ever

The leader of the workshop I attended is perhaps the most amazing person I have ever met. His leadership skills, his warmth, compassion, humour and energy are truly incredible… The big, unexpected bonus is a very positive change in my attitude to life, my friends, and my family. I do truly feel more alive and…   [Read More]

Mind-blowingly Effective

The MASTERY is the most mind-blowingly effective catalyst. It has brought together all the personal development work I have done over the last five years! It is the pencil sharpener to the pencil; the Master Chef to the preparation of food; the focus to a telescope! My life today is so drastically different from before…   [Read More]

A Spiritually Orgasmic Experience

The MASTERY is a spiritually orgasmic experience that left me completely breathless and absolutely full. Linda Watts