Testimonials: Into the Abyss

Reminded Me of the Greatness We All Hold Within

The Abyss reminded me of the greatness we all hold within. I really saw this through The MASTERY and Leadership courses, but The Abyss shoved it in my face. Melissa Rentrop

Really Opened my Eyes

The Abyss really opened my eyes to the things that were standing in my way, showing me the image I was giving off to others and what I was denying within myself. Stacey Glazer

I Highly Recommend this Workshop

I highly recommend this workshop, it’s a must follow-up to the MASTERY. Ron Bush

One of the Most Revealing and Eye-opening Experiences of My Life

I am so grateful to Dan Fauci for creating and leading me through The Abyss; this workshop was one of the most revealing and eye-opening experiences of my life. It has not only helped me grow as an artist, but as a person: mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Stephyne Williams

People Will See Me for Who I really Am

In doing The Abyss, I learned to stop putting so much energy into hiding who I am, because people will see me for who I really am no matter what. Patricia A. Robinson

A Truly Brilliant Companion Piece to the MASTERY

I participated in the first Abyss in New York in 1986. It continues to guide me in my discovery of what I want, what others perceive about me, and communicating from my authentic self. It’s a truly brilliant companion piece to the MASTERY and Leadership workshops. Van Brooks